Understanding the Past

- 1 min

I am a history geek. I remember when I was in school, history was the one subject in which success was pretty much guaranteed. It captured my attention and my imagination every single time. To this day I find the process of learning about history to be quite delightful.

In my quest to improve the quality of my work as well as my knowledge, I find myself to be always on the look out for resources that seem valuable. As a result, I bought a few books that some would classify as “ancient”. Books like Computer Science: A Modern Introduction and Structured Design are now part of my collection.

I am currently reading Structured Design and even though I’m barely through the first two chapters, it’s amazing to see how much knowledge this book carries. Many ideas that we know about things like Cohesion and Coupling, seem to originate from this book.

The reason some of these books are still so popular is because they carry the foundations upon which many things that we know of today, are build on. Though certain things are different now compared to the past, it is evident that these books carry enough knowledge to transform your ability to think, communicate and write software.

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