Structured Design (Intro)

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In my post yesterday I mentioned how I’ve put together a collection of old programming books. The one I’m currently going through is “Structured Design”. It has been praised in various ways by respected people in the industry.

I will try and convey some of the ideas from the book as I go and explain them in my own words. Many people have found this to be an excellent technique for reinforcing that idea in your mind. So, what is Structured Design?

Structured Design is the process of designing the parts of a system as well as defining their relationships and how well they fit together in the best possible way. In its simplest form, this process is aimed at answering the following question: “What is the best way to compose a set of components to solve problem X?”. On a more general view, it’s a collection of guidelines that help identify good designs vs bad ones.

In future posts I will delve deeper into some of those ideas and how they relate.

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