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Nearly 2 months ago I was finishing my journey at Makers Academy. Couple of weeks prior to that day though, I was present when Paul Pagel the CEO of 8th Light came to MA to give us a talk about Software Craftsmanship.

Before listening to the talk, my biggest concern as I was approaching graduation day and getting ready to start the hunt for work, was finding a company that would have certain values/characteristics that I valued more than others. Honesty, curiosity, taking responsibility and above all, a passion and desire to constantly try and be better than yesterday. Whether that’s learning a new language, improving a piece of code over and over again, cleaning up a messy test suite, I needed to be in an environment where “it’s good enough”, would not be accepted as a job well done.

Fast forward to today and I’m honoured to say that I’m part of such a company. Today I officially started my apprenticeship with 8th Light. After Paul’s talk that day and an extended discussion with Enrique, my teacher at MA, I was convinced that 8th Light was the place to be. In attendance that day was also Jim who is now my mentor.

I already learned a lot just by going through the lengthy interview process with Jim. Completing my technical challenge and implementing an unbeatable AI using a recursive algorithm, being the highlight. I will follow up on the latter soon with a longer post trying to deconstruct and analyse that specific algorithm.

I’ve been given already few tasks for this week which include going through the first few chapters of Sandi Metz’s POODR and re-doing TicTacToe while following and implementing good principles.

It’s only the beginning but this journey already feels promising and exciting. Can’t wait for day 2.

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