Org Mode

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There’s a lot of nice things with Emacs but one my favourite features is Org mode. When I switched to Emacs I started looking for how other people would configure and use Emacs to get a better idea of what is capable of. One of the most common features used was Org mode.

Org mode allows for very efficient note taking and the video I linked to above goes into great detail. It has a markdown-like syntax so that’s easy to get started with. My favourite part is how quickly and efficiently you can create lists. You can create lists where each item has a checkbox, similar to what you would do with markdown. The big difference is that with a shortcut (C-c C-c) you can “mark” that checkbox as done. Here’s the best part though; When an item has nested items with checkboxes you can’t mark it as complete until it’s “children” are marked as complete. In fact when you mark all the children as complete, it will automatically, mark the parent as done which is great.

Folding and unfolding lists is also very fast, the tab key is all you need. The distraction-free page of an editor like Emacs with vim-style navigation and the abilities of Org mode make for a very enjoyable writing and note taking environment.

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