Mob Programming

- 1 min

Today we had a retro at the client site to identify the things that currently work and the things that we’re not happy with as well as how we can improve them.

One of the things we said was quite useful, is Mob Programming.

Mob programming has been very useful in various ways but the most important one is concerned with how it helps share the knowledge of the codebase more evenly across the team. Having everyone working on a complex or big feature helps with distributing the knowledge that might exist in one person’s head better.

To assist with the above, mob programming has a rule which says that:

“For an idea to go from your head in to the computer it MUST go through someone else’s hands.”.

What this means is that if you have a good idea of how you want a feature to be implemented, someone else must be the driver and use the keyboard. This forces you to explain those concepts clearly and at a pace that that person and the rest of the team can understand. It also helps that person understand your ideas better by fleshing them out in code.

Our goal for the next iterations is to do more of the above, especially on larger than usual stories, something which I look forward to.

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